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Not enough hours....

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lifeislife Thu 08-Feb-18 21:12:54

In the day! 2 kids, working full time in a job I drive 20 miles to. By the time I've got home, cooked, cleaned, sorted kids, helped with Home Work, done washing etc it's always so late at night! Then it's to bed and repeat.... I'm exhausted! Don't have family to help etc so very rarely get time alone. All my friends have husbands or partners. I feel pretty isolated Just some time to myself to relax would be amazing. That and a nice sunny beach somewhere abroad smile

ohamIreally Fri 09-Feb-18 20:27:55

I'll come with you OP

Kingsclerelass Fri 09-Feb-18 20:56:50

You're describing my life.
Tonight is my first evening off since late December. I can't be bothered to go out I'm so tired. I going to have a bath, sleep and not set the alarm clock.
But I don't need to share the remote control, the bathroom is clean and I can sleep for as long as I need. Things could definitely be worse. grin

surlycurly Sat 10-Feb-18 03:57:13

I was the same. Then I got an au pair and it changed my life as I had someone reliable in case of emergencies, and lots of things around the house were done for me. Also it saved me a fortune in childcare and meant I could even have the odd weeknight out. Worth a thought?

HollyBollyBooBoo Sat 10-Feb-18 04:29:24

Agree although I don't think your description of life is unique to a lone parent is it? I think most of my friends feel like that whether they have a partner or not!

I read some threads about being super organised and do try to take their lead, this seems quite key to getting a bit of time back.

But life does seem to be continuous and pretty exhausting!

blueblah Sun 11-Feb-18 23:13:13

can you change job / career to give yourself more free time? or cut down your hours? really worth reconsidering your work / life balance and thinking of a way you can make it easier for yourself. I know it's not always possible but also your mental health and physical health is so important as a single parent, for your kids! so prioritise yourself for a bit if you can.

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