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Can he drop any lower?

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Exisanarse Thu 08-Feb-18 12:39:45

I have name changed for this one. Just wondering if Ex can get any lower in his behaviour.
Through his life choices he lost his well paid job, then, resigned from his less well paid one when my solicitor pointed out he was underpaying maintenance. He then stopped paying maintenance and I suspect he is now his partners carer and has paid no maintenance since he resigned his job.
His life choices have impacted on DD (14) and as result she has had no direct contact for over a year, but will phone, Skype or text him occasionally. He refuses to accept this is her choice and blames me. Actually initially DD offered to meet him for coffee, he wasn't being dictated to as to how he saw his daughter so that didn't happen.
I have never said a bad word about him and DD is totally unaware of the maintenance situation.
DD's bank statement arrived the other day and Ex has set up a standing order to her bank account for £25/month I suspect he is doing the 'I'm paying the maintenance direct to DD so you and your partner don't spend it on yourselves' line. My DP and I are very fortunate being high earners quite frankly don't need his money, hence why I decided that the hassle to pursue through CMS was not worth the money I would gain. She is into dance/singing/acting and £25/month only covers one of her extra curricular activities
Why does he have to drag DD into it? She doesn't understand why he is putting £25/month into her account. Is he trying to force me to tell her what an arse he is?

Snowydaysarehere Thu 08-Feb-18 12:43:04

So tell her would be my thought. She already knows he is a waste of space /her time!! Then you can stop giving the fucker any head space.

Starlight2345 Thu 08-Feb-18 13:37:45

At 14 I would be honest . It is the age where she is going to make decisions for herself . You can be factual without slagging him off

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