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Drug testing for my ex

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JoJo2106 Sat 13-Jan-18 16:35:52


Does anyone know if I can get a drug test done via court for my ex? We are currently not at the court stage yet and we are gonna have to most likely attend mediation sessions first. The thing is I have drug & drink concerns of my ex and he is looking to get more access of our 19 week old baby boy including overnight stays. He has basically told me in a round about sort of way that he has stopped smoking weed now but bearing in mind he has done this for 25 years I highly doubt it will be permanent. I feel he's just stopped temporarily cos of mediation an talk of court. But I am wondering if there is any way I can get a court to do a drug test on him to prove he has been using for years befire this gets to mediation to help my case if it does go to court.

All he is doing now is temporarily stopping so it won't be in his system if it reaches court in a few months etc and I need yo prove he is a user. Is this something I can do or do you have to be already involved with the courts already ?

Many thanks

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SGIB14 Tue 16-Jan-18 22:23:11

You can request this once at the court stage but you have to pay 50% of the cost and to warn you it's very expensive.
I'm not sure about out of court but my advice is to get advice on it asap as if you leave it and it goes to court and you then mention it, it can be twisted and used against you. Try citizens advice. Good luck x

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