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First time going on holiday as a single parent

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GreenTulips Sun 14-Jan-18 19:53:40

cant afford Centre Parks at the moment

Look at European centre parcs it's much cheaper

se22mother Sun 14-Jan-18 19:49:45

I have taken dd away 3 times by myself and love it. As pp says there is no compromising which is a plus. I make sure we go somewhere with activities she can do, and take plenty of books for me - heavenly. As an introvert I prefer this to group holiday

KatieCrunch33 Sun 14-Jan-18 19:44:08

I've taken my two away 4 times now by myself and I love it! In some ways it's so much easier than being with the other parent as there is no compromising, you can do whatever you think is right for them.
I was anxious that nobody would talk to me/us but being on my own proved to be an ice breaker and people very quickly chatted to us and included us in everything.
Go for it - you won't regret it x

mirandasings Tue 09-Jan-18 23:33:50

I took my child away when they were 3 just the two of us. I was absolutely crapping my pants!

But it was fine. We made friends who we still see now and everyone was very friendly. I worried I’d be lonely but met a few other lone parents with their child there too and we all kinda hung out together had dinner together. Done activities when the kids were in kids club. It was great!

You will be fine. You just need to get the first one out the way then you’ll be off everywhere together. It’s lovely.

jocktamsonsbairn Tue 09-Jan-18 22:06:57

First off, try booking independently if you can. Fir example we have flown Ryanair to Corfu then booked a hoppa transfer (when they do a 40% off offer) or join Corfu forum
On FB and find loads of advice and maybe find someone to share a taxi transfer.
We have stayed in Roda but the actual apartments we stayed in might not be what you're looking for as they are a bit old fashioned (think 1970s/80s style tiles in kitchen and bathroom) but they are cheap and clean. Owner and family live on site and are lovely, and bar owner's wife is Scottish so they are tuned into what you would need. We stayed in Roda which is a perfect resort for a wee one and it's dead friendly!! We've paid about £850 for 2 week's self catering including flights and that's in school hols for 3 of us.
We stayed at Valentinos but other good places would be the Makis (on the beach - actually that might be best for you as less walking to beach and restaurants as there is a mini market at the front of the apartments), Ninos on the beach (on the seafront. It the beach) and Theo's if you want it a bit busier.
Roda beach is sandy and shelves gently into the sea. Lots of family friendly restaurants around and it's not in your face which is lovely. We've made so many friends there! Dead cheap to eat out! You can spend but we went to Ammos grill a lot and had souvlaki pittas for €2.50 a go!! Grilled chicken, pita bread, chips and salad.
We always go to Greece but Roda I'd say is one of the best resorts if you're on your own with a wee one.
Previous holidays when my dc were small were euro amp style holidays which were social for us both daytime and for me at night as kids went to bed and adults sat outside mobile homes chatting and drinking wine!

ohreallyohreallyoh Tue 09-Jan-18 20:47:12

I have done Single with kids and I have taken the children abroad on my own. It is far for fun with a group, I have to say, and would choose it over going alone. Much depends on group dynamics, I guess, and how comfortable you are alone and/or potentially approaching strangers for someone to talk to. I do caravan holidays regularly alone and the children always enjoy it. I just sit around with my kindle with half an eye on the book and the other half on them!

pickledparsnip Sun 07-Jan-18 13:16:20

I took my 8 year old son away at Christmas, and we had a brilliant time. Not going to lie, it was tough at times, but we both loved it. We've been camping on our own a few times too. I absolutely love spending time just the two of us together. Go for it!

Prezel1979 Sun 07-Jan-18 08:57:34

I take my kids (8 and 5) to Jersey. Great food, great beaches, it’s not Greece but the summers are usually warm and bad weather blows over fast because of the wind. Really friendly and safe. Cheap flights on Easyjet (or drive over on ferry - does help to have a car there, I rent one). Holiday rentals are not cheap and you have to book well in advance, but there is also quite a lot of Air BnB and some other special offers. I spend most of my time slurping rosé and eating scones with Jersey cream while the kids collect shells on clean, empty beaches where I can see them perfectly from my perch in the surfer beach cafe grin

Chocolatecake12 Sat 06-Jan-18 09:20:05

When I took my 2 away for the first time after separating they were 11 and 6.
I found it a totally liberating experience. I met up with another couple who had children of a similar age which meant I had some adult company at times although I was aware they might not want to be around a single women all the time!!

mustbemad17 Sat 06-Jan-18 09:14:56

For the last three years we simply did a caravan in Yarmouth. Just me & DD (and DDog!). I got the van privately so was cheaper, then we just paid £8 each for park passes. Full use of the holiday park, with freedom to go sightseeing or do our own activities. It was bliss

Cherryblossom200 Sat 06-Jan-18 09:10:46

Thanks everyone! I’m off today to look into holidays, I’m definitely going 😊 I think it really depends on the type of person you are, I’m quite happy being just me and my DD - we have a great time together so I think it’ll be fine! xx

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ferriswheel Sat 06-Jan-18 00:24:06

I have 3 aged 5 and under. Any recommendations. I cant afford Centre Parks at the moment but somewhere like that any good?

jocktamsonsbairn Sat 06-Jan-18 00:17:28

I've taken my 2 to Corfu the last 4 years - perfect place and met loads of friends so never felt alone. We stayed in Roda which was perfect for us but there are so many resorts to choose from. Paleokastritsa is very busy so Beach gets too crowded with day visitors somi'd a kid that, and Sidari, Ipsos and Kavos as they are Brits abroad type places., there's a huge British ex pat community there and most people speak English so you will be included, lots of community spirit! Have fun and enjoy!! I'd book somewhere with a bar onsite so you can put DD to bed and still not feel/be alone.

DonutDiv Fri 05-Jan-18 23:44:54

I took DD4 to a U.K Hoseasons, fully refurbished 5 star spa resort.

£140 for 4 nights! It was June last year. We then went another two times, in the late summer.

It was honestly wonderful. She absolutely loved it. Warm evenings, playing on her bike. Breakfast sitting outside, looking at the countryside view, bunnies running around near us, which she loved.

I welled up, when I was packing the car up. It really was a special time.

egginacup Fri 05-Jan-18 23:39:11

I took my two DC away on my own last year, it was great! They were a bit older, 8 and 6, but we did sightseeing in the daytime, went out for an early dinner then in the evenings I sat on a balcony with a lovely view reading my book in peace with a glass of wine smile

rockingrubble Fri 05-Jan-18 23:33:49

I'm in the same boat myself. My son is 3 and I'm kinda thinking is time to just do it!
It's only the same as being at home with them but with extra activities- less time to be lonely.
Plus a good hotel will have evening entertainment to carry you through until bedtime.
Let me know how you get on smile

Cherryblossom200 Fri 05-Jan-18 17:40:55


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WalkingBad Fri 05-Jan-18 15:47:59

I took my dds away for the first time on my own when they were 1 and 3, just to Haven in Wales but tbh because they were so young it was really easy to get chatting to other parents of the little friends they made because they of their age so we were all having to keep an eye on them and be at activities.

Cherryblossom200 Wed 03-Jan-18 19:44:15

Hi everyone,

My DD is about to turn 3 and I feel ready to go on holiday with her! Up until recently I was really looking forward to the prospect of going away with her, until I started looking on the internet...

There are lots of stories of single parents feeling lonely on holiday which I hadn’t even thought of. In general I’m a pretty independent, happy in my own company type of woman. But this has now thrown doubt in me. I’ve looked at single with kids and the holidays look fab. But for a week long sunny holiday abroad your looking at near enough £2,000 which I’m simply not paying. I would rather go with a normal tour operator which means going it alone.

Is it really that lonely? And also, can I cheekily ask if anyone has any good holiday recommendations for Greek islands please? Ideally not the Brits abroad type of resorts 😬

Many thanks! 😊

Cherry x

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