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Childcare Question

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wornoutdad Thu 28-Dec-17 04:05:18

There's a long back story I don't want to go into, but DP will shortly be leaving me and 3 DC.

DP wants the kids to be living with me for the majority of the time. I am worried DP will lose more and more interest in the children over time - again, long complicated story that I don't really have the energy to go into.

I travel for work weekly on random days, leaving home very early in the morning and arriving home late in the evening. Giving up work isn't an option.

Is anyone else in a similar position? Assuming DP can't/won't look after kids - what do you do about childcare? (Family is not an option)

Loads of stuff about the future worry me, but this is the one keeping me up tonight.

Thanks in advance.

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Kingsclerelass Thu 28-Dec-17 18:07:26

If you are going to continue with a job that involves early mornings, late evenings and no clear routine, then you need either a nanny, an au pair you trust or a supportive grandparent.
I had the same problem, when we split, I changed my job to a similar but uk-based rather than international, and mostly office based. It meant a pay cut, but then I needed a childminder rather than a nanny which cost less.
Depends on if you have a spare room to give to an au pair.

Now dc is at school, I only need after school club and an occasional babysitting swap with another mum.

Kingsclerelass Thu 28-Dec-17 18:09:45

Also depends on age of your dcs.

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