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When your 8yo doesn't want to see his father

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roastandyorkies Thu 07-Dec-17 19:14:46

It's hit and miss. Sometimes he loves his dad (generally tied into when he bothers to plan something child friendly). Other times he's just dumped by his dad on older relatives during his contact time. Or his dad is late to collect him and then DS just doesn't want to go.

Selfishly it's my only free time (to do extra work/housework) and I don't discourage him from going but at what age don't I force him?

Kingsclerelass Fri 08-Dec-17 01:36:27

My Ds is 9 so we haven't got there yet but I can see a time when ds has team sport or something and his mates become more important. Sometime about 12 or 13 I expect.
I'll just go with the flow I think.

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Fri 08-Dec-17 01:43:34

So it's because he's bored at those times? I totally get where you're ink going from. Can he stay home and have special movie time (by himself) or something? I feel like I wouldn't make him go and have a miserable time, but you need time too.

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