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3 children 3,1,new born & Dads left us for a man

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Jaf1994 Sun 03-Dec-17 22:57:45

So i was with my ex partner for 7 years we have 3 children together a 3 year old,1year old and new born.
We lived together and seemed we was best friends. Our relationship seemed rather good apart from the lack of help with the children as he would argue he worked monday-fridays but it was never a terrible argument wed always make up quick.

Until he started telling me he was going to the gym early in the morning (which was very unlike him to wake up early for any event even work) until he walked out on us one evening after an argument over the 2 little ones (i was pregnant with our 3rd) after months of crying regularly and loosing dignity trying to get him back and him making our i was crazy for insinuating there was somebody new i finally found out there was never no gym and he was meeting a 53 year old man from work which he started a relationship with and was in fact now with him.
He let the kids down all the time turning uo hungover and putting them to bed for the day or not turning up at all.
I finally gave birth to our son and he was supportive like he wanted to try again but then went cold again...
There lots more to the story but this is the main of it. His mother and i got on well until the split turnt nasty and she didnt want me to phone her asking her to get him up to pick his children up like arranged. (I phoned her because he went to live back with her)

I now dont know what to do? Do i keep pestering him to have his kids? Do i leave him alone and ignore him like hes asked me to? Im so heart broken and devestated that i dont want to be friends with him. I just want advice really on where do i go from here. I feel unlovable to be 23 with 3 very young children, what could be next for us?

Halebeke425 Sun 03-Dec-17 23:13:20

I'm so sorry you're going through this.
Do you have other support, parents, friends other family? I would say don't keep pestering him maybe you need to take a step away from the situation and focus on what you and your children need right now. If he wants to step up and be a dad let him come to you, no good will come from keeping on at him. Rally your support network and look after yourself and your kids needs first and foremost.

You're not unlovable, you've just had a really awful experience but you can heal and move on from this over time flowers

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