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Struggling.. Please advice from mums of 3+

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ThisLittleKitty Sun 03-Dec-17 21:51:50

Today's been relentless.. Sundays usually are, but this tops it. I feel weak. My head is spinning. Baby has been breastfeeding basically all day. She's 7 months but it never stops. She screams unless she's feeding. I've done my daughters hair today which needs to be done every Sunday without fail for the week ahead. With my baby in between us feeding. If I do anything like clean or prepare uniform she screams. I'm dreading the school week ahead as I hardly get any sleep so the early mornings of getting everyone ready (all 4 children need dressing) and rushing out the door is taking it's toll. I never have a break as ex is not on the scene and family don't help. I don't know what to do. House is a mess and getting me down. How do you mums of 3 or more cope?! I'm literally shaking as I type this as I'm so exhausted. Help!

foolonthehill Mon 04-Dec-17 13:25:43

I have 4....and have been entirely alone for 6 is relentless but it does change and get better.

I did breastfeed and am an advocate BUT I wonder if you might consider 7 months you have done really well and producing breast milk, feeding on demand and being a "human dummy" is totally exhausting. I know there is a cost implication and I don't know whether you could manage that.

Could you have a week of "stuff on toast" and baked potato meals so you can sit down and gather yourself? You need to rest without your head spinning over all the things you aren't doing.

Do one huge wash at the launderette and dry it so that is done won't need ironing and you can do other things at home. I do this about twice a year to gain a week of chore time. Toddlers and babies seem to find launderettes soothing.

School yourself: there's a lot of truth in the phrase "all fed, no-one dead" can only do what you can manage everything else will have to wait.

Go to GP to Check your iron......7 month old baby, 4 DC my iron levels were less than half normal, yours may be less.

Keep on keeping will get there.

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