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young single mum looking for friends in birmingham

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charlotte1993 Wed 29-Nov-17 19:34:24

hello all i am Charlotte and i am 23, i am looking for some other mums to be friends with , i find myself to be lonely half the time and my other "friends" (i use that term very lightly) just dont get it they always want me to come and hang out and stuff but i cant always do that because i am with my daughter, i would love to meet some single mums atleast you know the deal and we can meet up with our kids etc

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ThisLittleKitty Mon 04-Dec-17 13:10:25

I'm in the same boat as you but it's a shame I'm all the way in london! There's an app I think it's called mush (?) which is apparently good for meeting local mums, though haven't tried it myself yet x

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