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How much maintenance should he pay?

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Ajd94 Mon 13-Nov-17 07:28:00

Little bit of background. My ex lives at home with his mum, has to contribute some board, working from home earning £450 a week before tax, doesn't drive so aside from board doesn’t really have many outgoings. He moved out in May this year and since has seen her 3 times since, twice and my house, and most recently at his mums house, which I had to do both drop off and pick up to in London. Online I am entitled to £53, am I eligible to any more on a more means-tested basis? With him not seeing her as often, and me having to physically take her? I don’t get help with my rent as I am a student, just council tax, nor do I get income support, just child tax and benefit. I know it sounds “greedy” but £130 a week doesn’t go far when £89 of it is my rent. Thanks in advance.

Starlight2345 Mon 13-Nov-17 15:13:00

If you look up on the Cms/ CSA calculator that will be the legal minimum..That is worked out based on nights .

What he is prepared to pay is another matter.

Ajd94 Mon 13-Nov-17 16:51:01

And by law, I’ll never be entitled more than that? Even though he has her overnight no more than 3 times a year? He’s not even willingly paying the minimum ha

Dancingfairy Tue 14-Nov-17 14:19:31

You will only be entitled to what the CSA calculator says. My ex dies be pay a penny for our 4 kids.

Ajd94 Tue 14-Nov-17 15:02:46

That’s awful, why not? I actually spoke to him about increasing the money, and paying what he thinks is fair knowing my financial situation vs his. And lo and behold today he has said he’s thinking of handing his notice in as he feels undervalued. My guess is he’s told someone and they’ve told him if he’s not got a job he won’t have to pay me anything. Twat.

Dancingfairy Wed 15-Nov-17 12:52:32

Wow sounds familiar! My ex use to do the same. He works cash in hand now so doesn't have to pay at all.

letsdolunch321 Wed 15-Nov-17 13:01:05

And lots if men think they have a rough ride. WANKERS

Love51 Wed 15-Nov-17 13:07:25

You can't demand / be entitled to more than cms say. If he had her overnight your entitlement would go down.
In your shoes I would be asking for petrol money / train fare for pick up / drop off (or getting him to do it himself).
He seems to be one of those who resents giving 'you' money - could you ask him to buy things she needs? Might he buy her shoes / a coat etc?

jaimelannistersgoldenhand Fri 17-Nov-17 09:04:02

I would get him to pick her up from yours and for you to pick up from his.
Are you claiming Child Benefit and Child Tax Credits?

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