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So where are all the nice men not married to other people?

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Milkie Sun 12-Nov-17 22:09:20

Clearly they are not on the internet. And the only nice men I meet are married to other people. I’m a single mum, and I would like to meet someone the old fashioned way, not in some set up kind of way. Is it even possible? What do people on here do? Just curious!

lannister Sun 12-Nov-17 22:25:39

I’m also curious. Can’t seem to find a man anywhere

iamlittlemissforgetful Sun 12-Nov-17 22:26:35

There aren't any. Fact.

iamlittlemissforgetful Sun 12-Nov-17 22:27:09

On line dating is soul-destroying!

Milkie Sun 12-Nov-17 22:37:27

I was afraid you might say that! It’s the $1m question I suppose. All the nice men are taken, and even then there aren’t that many of them it seems.p

Vitalogy Sun 12-Nov-17 23:00:10

Needle in a hay stack.

Angrybird123 Mon 13-Nov-17 15:53:13

Just to add a note of optimism 8 may several really nice guys on Match and have now been seeing one of them for over a year. It's low key...we both have our kids live with us full time so even after a year are still in the dating zone where we make an effort for each other. But they do exist

Proudtrout Tue 14-Nov-17 18:11:22

Damnit! angrybird I think you got the last one!!

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