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New possibility to stay near my children

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HarryPotterFan17 Wed 01-Nov-17 10:31:07

I have been living in London for seven years.

My children live in France, near Paris.

When I go to France to see them, when I leave to come back here, my son cries.

He is 13.

Now, after a very stressful attempt to start a charity here in London, I have no work and can evaluate different possibilities.

I may even go back to France to stay near my children.

It would be another adventure because to find work, even as software developer, is not easy.

And I would have to refresh my French, which is rusty.

I'm also concerned about my relationship with my ex-wife.

I would rent a separate flat (or room) but my ex may not like it if my son wants to live with me at that point.

It's complicated and it would be definitely life-changing.

Any thought will be appreciated.

Starlight2345 Thu 02-Nov-17 13:46:05

Not wanting you to leave and him moving in with you are not the same . At the minute Mum does all the hard work , homework , getting up for school saying no . I also think parents of separated children tend to use I want to live with other parent as an opt out of not getting there own way . Mine doesn’t see his dad so is going to live on the streets . I can’t comment on how his mum will feel but do consider it is only a few years before he spreads his wings

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