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CAFCASS have said no interim contact

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Movingon1611 Tue 24-Oct-17 19:41:45

My ex is taking me to court for access to our DC- no mediation as history of domestic abuse.
Got the initial report from Cafcass today saying they need to do a section 7 report and my ex isn’t allowed any contact in the interim.

Thing is he coaches my sons football team so how does that work? Will my son not be allowed to play anymore?
Social services were ok with him still playing while his dad was coach as they were never alone tougher. They said it was up to me if I wanted the set up to continue. Ex wouldn’t stop coaching and son didn’t want to switch teams so things stayed as they were.

If CAFCASS have now said no contact then to me that means they can’t carry on with them both at the same team can they?

Does anyone know please?

7Seas Tue 07-Nov-17 03:54:29

It sounds like a 'recommendation' of no contact. Not a court ordered whatsit just yet. The section 7 comes next I believe them it goes before the judge to decide? So I think contact doesn't HAVE to be stopped. Happy to be corrected though!

StrawberryJelly00 Tue 07-Nov-17 04:11:03

Yes, it is a recommendation from cafcass however the section 7 report will look at both parents including your decisions to follow recommendations.

You need to look at the reasons listed for cafcass recommendations those will be important

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