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Not enough hours in the day

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conway Tue 24-Oct-17 09:25:38

Single mum with two boys, aged 16 and 11. Work 4 days but struggling to do everything in the house.
Yesterday, Spent all day trying to put our Lazy spa away( supposed to be easy). My boys tried to help a bit .So frustrating.
The other day was spent trying to get our broadband to be faster.
I have a cleaner fortnightly but she doesn't seem to do lot,
Endless list of jobs to do.
Any tips or is this just the lot of a single mum..

Passthebiscuit Tue 24-Oct-17 09:40:12

Hi, I only have one child so some of these might not help but I try and wash up as I go along, sometimes even choosing meals with the least washing up e.g. A one pot meal. Clean bathroom when you are in there eg a quick wipe around after a shower. I bung stuff straight in the wash then put it on when it's full. Can you choose one room e.g. Kitchen which you will always have done before you go to bed - that way you have at least one room you are happy with ? I've also invested in the ikea kallex unit with boxes - everything. Can be chucked in there to make it look more organised.

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