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Debbieb70 Sun 22-Oct-17 17:38:53

My husband left me and my 9 year old son who has autism a month ago. He deliberately went to look for an ex from 16 years ago and now their together. He even introduced her to his family two days after we left. We were all meant to be moving to Scotland where a lot of his family are and my son's grandparents as these are the only family he has. Turned our he already had her there and expected me and my son still to move there but not as a couple anymore. I said no and we came back to England. His dad since doesn't seem to care at all what he's done to his son. He gets upset, doesn't want to do the drawing he loved anymore nor play his games console as much as he used to. His dad as he says us getting his life back where is. Starting a job soon. He phones him sometimes for a couple of minutes. My son didn't want to say goodnight to him last night. His dad doesn't seem to see what he's doing to him. He's put another woman and life in front of his child. He can't see this though. He's so wrapped up in what he has now. I'm 47 and he's 49. It's like some midlife crises or something. How does a man walk away like that from the child he saw every day the child he did so much with. I couldn't do that for the sake of another man and some perceived more fuller life my child always comes first. Is it just me that thinks this way. Am I wrong for thinking this way. It's so hard to cope

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