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Homework and revision

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AnnettePrice Tue 17-Oct-17 09:43:07

I was wondering how much homework and/or revision for school exams MNers DCs do when they are at the NRP.
If it's nothing or close to nothing, how do you handle it? I have a feeling DC's time with me over 1/2 term hols is going school work and no fun time sad

GreenGoblin0 Wed 18-Oct-17 08:06:25

how old is the child?

AnnettePrice Thu 19-Oct-17 08:39:00

DC is doing GCSEs so is old enough that supervision isn't needed but planning where the work and times in the day to do the work, that's what exh would need to do and I can't see that happening (well other than maybe in a pub late in the evening which isn't exactly the best for studying hmm).

I'm really looking for tips on how to handle this with an ex who doesn't prioritise dc and especially school work.

eyebrowsonfleek Thu 26-Oct-17 00:33:40

My kids have never done school work with ex but only see him 24 hours a fortnight so I’m the bad guy who has to tell them to do work on Friday Evening so that they can afford to not work for those hours. I wish that he’d at least help in the subjects that he did his degree in but it’s all left to me.

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