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Ex has put in CM a month earlier than its due to start.. What do I do.

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CinnamonAndSpice Mon 16-Oct-17 23:32:44

So excited always paid me a mutual agreement 10th every month. Anywayong story short in Sept he was being a bit of a wally and I decided to go to Cms. To which they set the amount and he does direct pay. He told them he could do u till 10tj Nov which is what the statement given to me states.
Anyway today I looked at bank and he's put in the new figure given by cms 10 oct
Now he would t of done it out if the kindness of his heart as he spitefully said oh ill make u wait till Nov. So I can only assume he went to change the figures but not the scheduled date.

Now does this mean he can stop the next payment or would cms see it as he's paid an extra as what they said is obvs the minimum and they can pay more if required

I'm not going to use it. I've put it in a spare account out the way. As I'm expecting a call from.him about it.
Do I then pay it back or say well that would be classed as a good will extra iyswim?

I know my dp is given a set figure which he pays once a month however he regularly pays extra to his ex for stuff which nearly doubles what is stated

CinnamonAndSpice Mon 16-Oct-17 23:36:18

Ex not excited lol

Louw12345 Sun 22-Oct-17 23:38:52

He Is given a payment plan off CM and they say when he has to pay.
Why did he say he can't pay till Nov? :
If you waited till then would he have missed a payment?

I had to get an attachment of earnings on my ex. I got a weeks payment 3 weeks before the monthly payment should of been paid.

When I rang CM they said that a payment had to be made between 4th of September to the 3rd of October. So that's why I would of had that weeks payment.

CM starts from the day the claim Is open then then amount is divided over 52 weeks. If he wasn't going to pay Octobers money he would of then been in debt and would have to pay more over the other months.

CinnamonAndSpice Mon 23-Oct-17 13:14:12

It was a new claim with first payment due to start 10 Nov.... That's why I was confused.
I rang them and they said. He still has to pay on 10th Nov.. Then 10",dec and so forth. If he's chosen to pay more or an extra or whatever that's a bonus as of he don't pay on 10 Nov. I could phone them and say he hasn't paid and ask for collect and pay...
Its so confusing

I know my dp going back a while paid his ex on 26th rather than 28th one we were going away and he wanted it done before we went. She rang up And he then had to pay again on 28th as it would class as a 'missed payment'.. They classed the one he'd paid on 26th as extra.

Louw12345 Mon 23-Oct-17 13:21:27

Yes it's all confusing my ex had to may a payment on the 19th October but to this date nothing has been recorded.

There isn't much you can if the money has been sent to you by him. However don't do what his ex did that's just wrong she got her money cheeky thing.

Do you talk to him? If so ask him. He can not really start being funny as next month he really has to pay that. He might of been feeling nice haha

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