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Child Maintenance and bonuses woes

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themuminator Mon 16-Oct-17 11:42:23

ExH was and is abusive. Now I've left, he's trying financial abuse!

He paid an amount of maintenance of his choosing for a few months. Pitiful on his salary. When it was clear he wouldn't do the fair thing through mediation, we stopped and I raised CMS claim at the start of August.

The amount they decided was based on last year's P60 (high wage, plus about £44k in bonuses). It was more than double what he was paying.

He has now not paid any of the first 4 weeks of the schedule. Right now owes me about £1000. And he's just asked for a Mandatory Reconsideration based on his salary having gone down this financial year by more than 25%, presumably because he hasn't received as much in bonuses.

Now I have to wait another month for that decision, and only then can I ask to move to Collect and Pay. Which could take another 3 months. And I guess that he can then claim he doesn't have the about £6k that will have accrued.

And if his salary is actually 24% above his base rate this year (eg massive bonus at Christmas)... I think I get nothing at all. Not if it goes down again before the next review date next summer.

This doesn't seem right! I am screwed financially. Completely. Had to take a loan to cover solicitor fees and now it is paying for food and rent. Sob!

AnnettePrice Mon 16-Oct-17 12:54:23

Phone up CMS with your concerns.
They must deal with others that have a high percentage of income as a bonus.
Ultimately when it goes to collect and pay, if it still isn't paid I think they can take from wage upto 40% of wage. That is very very harsh BUT it is down to continually not paying so it's hardship brought upon themselves so it's rather hard to have and sympathy especially if the parent who has not received anything has had to deal with hardship for many months (and the DCs).

Louw12345 Mon 16-Oct-17 15:38:14

My ex stopped paying @ £50 a week. I opened CMS and they said he would have to pay £38 a week for 5 children. That was opened in feb. They have now done a deduction from earning and he has to pay £64 something a month for his kids to receive £51.20.
To me he's tried to not pay but thought he would get away with it. However coz he owes well over a grand he has to pay more.

I got told to never rely on CMS payments. Try and get threw with what you have. It was hard for me but got there in the end.

I'm still waiting for his payment which should be this week sometime

mbb1 Mon 16-Oct-17 21:42:07

I wouldn't expect any help from the CMS at all. I've had a different story from them every time I've spoken to them. They still haven't taken action regarding non payment - had nothing since March, about £4K in arrears and they do NOTHING. They promise so much but deliver nothing.

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