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When will it end?

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1emmalouise Sat 14-Oct-17 09:38:48

Sorry if this ends up longer than expected.

Before I fell pregnant it was my partner who was so keen on the idea of having a child (he already has 2 from previous relationships) so when my daughter was 2 days old, he went out and left me to get drunk, bare in mind I was a new mum, and literally had no idea what I was doing. Our baby was so unsettled all night, I ended up getting my mum to come and help me. He never sees if she needs nappies or milk. I buy everything. I make her dinners I feed her them I wake up everyday and look after her until I go to sleep. This week I said the baby needs nappies. Did he bother? No. The longest he's ever had her was this week when I was ill and she's 7 months old and all day he brought her in to the room leaving me with her while I was ill so he could go the shop etc so not exactly keeping her away so she didn't get sick. He doesn't care, if he has her for half an hour he'll put her in the jumperoo or her walker an leave her in front of the tv and sit on his phone. Can someone please please give me some advice I'm breaking I literally can't do this anymore I feel trapped. My daughter doesn't deserve this she deserves a man who will look after her and give her the world

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BubblesPip Sat 14-Oct-17 10:28:09

I had the same and worse. Does he see his other children? Unfortunately some men aren't cut out to bed dad's and he sounds like one of them. I separated from my ex just a few weeks after my LO was born. My child deserves so much and so does yours! Focus on yourself and your child.

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