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Benefit entitlement if I quit a job?

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user1464795209 Sun 24-Sep-17 20:00:46

Hi everyone
Before I start please don't judge my question harshly I'm genuinely asking this so that I know financially where I stand .
I've taken up a part time job as a teaching assistant - the money isn't great but I'm
Hoping that tax credits will be boosted to help me pay for my 2 year olds childcare as she will Now need nursery 8-2 everyday. I also have a 5 year old . I have every intention to make the job work and I'm hoping it'll help me gain some independence back into the world of work. I have yet to update my circumstances with each benefits I get as I do not start until next Monday but if the money kusy doesn't cover childcare and rent etc and I end up having to quit the job would I be entitled to the same benefits I got before starting the job again?
As I say it's a last case scenario - I went for the job as it's what I want but I've heard so many stories about people being less better off in work and I just want to know I won't be put into debt by taking the job on? If it doesn't work financially will I be able to claim everything I currently get again or will I not be able to as I would have quit ?

Hope it makes sense what I'm asking smile

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3littlebadgers Sun 24-Sep-17 20:05:30

Bumping for you

Auspiciouspanda Sun 24-Sep-17 20:07:43

Are you a single parent? Which benefits were you claiming before?

MyDcAreMarvel Sun 24-Sep-17 20:08:36

Yes as you have ateo year old you can reclaim Income support.

SingaSong12 Sun 24-Sep-17 20:22:55

Having a two year old you would not be expected to look for work at the moment and shouldn't be penalised for giving it up,
What benefits you get will depend on your circumstances and where you live. You first need to check whether you are in an area where universal credit covers you.

If it doesn't then depending on any other circumstances or savings you would continue with the tax credits, get income support for you to live on and housing benefit for rent.

If you are in a universal credit area tax credits will stop all the income based benefits will be uc. There is a significant delay to first payment of UC. As you have a two year you will have some requirements- from citizens advice website-
"Responsible for a child aged 2

If you’re responsible for a child aged 2, you should be in the ‘work preparation group’. This means you might have to carry out the following types of activities:

preparing for work, eg taking part in training or work experience. You won’t have to search for work or be available for work
taking part in one or more work-focused interviews at the Jobcentre to help you find or stay in work
If you’re living with a partner, you have to nominate a main carer. You usually do this at your first claimant commitment interview at the Jobcentre. The other member of the couple may be put in a different work-related group."

You can do a benefit check using a calculator

SingaSong12 Sun 24-Sep-17 20:25:21

Oh just to say child benefit and help with council tax will be the same even in universal credit area.

user1464795209 Sun 24-Sep-17 20:37:32

Thanks all
Yes im a single parent . I have a daughter who is 2 next week and then a 5 year old at school.
I applied for this job as I am ready to work again and need to but worried I will end up completely in debt as I will have to pay for my youngest to go to nursery each day and my wage is very very low. So if it didn't work out I could reclaim income
Support / tax credits etc? What I mean is would
They Tel
Me I can't reclaim as I quit a job ?

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NellWilsonsWhiteHair Sun 24-Sep-17 20:46:04

You wouldn't be penalised for quitting the job and claiming Income Support again due to the age of your youngest.

A couple of related thoughts: Do you get Housing Benefit? It's a couple of years since I returned to work from being on IS as a single parent, but back then at least there was a HB run-on where you continued to get the full HB payment for an additional month after starting work, so make sure you do get that if you can - it will help create the cushion you need. Also if tax credits do not fully cover your childcare costs this should be taken into account in recalculating your HB - I mention this because my own council completely buried that information, and it made a very big difference to me during my first year back at work!

Good luck in the new job, and I really hope things do work out so you can afford to stay with it. smile

user1464795209 Sun 24-Sep-17 21:28:43

Thanks so much I will make sure the calculation takes that into account thanks for letting me know that

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InTheKitchenAtParties Sun 24-Sep-17 21:52:39

Your 2yo will possibly be entitled to 15 free hours at nursery. Have you looked into that?

angelsgirls Sun 24-Sep-17 21:58:16

I'm a single parent (4 children) and I am 100% better off working

You will be entitled to 15 hours free childcare for your 2 year old, then once they are 3 (term after) they will get 30 hours

You will get working tax credits plus the childcare element

Go for it, it's the perfect job for you, term time only 👍🏻

angelsgirls Sun 24-Sep-17 22:01:25

Also friending on your earnings you may not have to pay anything towards housing, the calculator on entitled to is pretty good for getting a idea of where you will be

user1464795209 Mon 25-Sep-17 10:56:36

Does anybody know when I ring up all the different benefits to tell them
I'm working ? Would working tax credits pay anything in advance ? As I need to pay childcare monthly at the start of each month and the job begins Monday?

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MyDcAreMarvel Mon 25-Sep-17 11:34:54

You can contact wtc a week before you start work.

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