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Typical arrangement?

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Ceecee8 Fri 22-Sep-17 18:57:14

Hi. I don't mean to be too nosy and feel free to tell me to sod off if i am but I'm wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this. Do you consider it normal or typical for a separated couple who have children to still continue to act as a couple years after they have supposedly separated? By this I mean still seen my each other every day, making meals for each other, paying one another's bills, holidaying together, continuing to go on nights out together with mutual friends, doing each other's washing etc? Like I said I don't mean to be too nosey and don't want to com across as goofy. I'm genuinely interest in other people's points of view?

I can't go into real detail about why I'm asking but your thoughts would really help. I realise that break ups are difficult especially if children are involved but having been a single parent in the past I remember oh so well what my relationship was with my ex and it certainly wasn't like this. I fully agree it's best to keep things amicable for the sake of the children but this too me doesn't seem right.

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