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what rights do a DNA test enable a father to have

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PeppyPiggy Thu 21-Sep-17 16:50:41

DD is nearly two, I've started a case for CSA because her dad hasn't contributed anything whatsoever. Today they told me that he is disputing parentage and needs a DNA test... I am very concerned about this because I was recently told that a DNA test now gives fathers 50% rights to the child.. Considering his nature, I am worried that he will try to use DD to hurt or control me, or take her forcefully. He does not care one bit about seeing her, trust me on this, it's all to get back at me for not staying with him (I left him 2 weeks before finding out I was pregnant). He has bothered to see her twice since she was born and both times all of his attention was on me, either attempting to flirt with me or trying to start some kind of confrontation with me, I reciprocate neither of these.

The last time we spoke he told me that his mum wanted to see DD, at her home, miles away. He was being very forceful and not listening to the fact that I was saying DD did not have a car seat and could not travel down a motorway without one. He told me that both me and DD were getting in his car and going "whether we liked it or not". I replied that his mother was welcome to come see DD whenever she likes but that if he genuinely wanted to see DD he can find a mediator as I wont be bullied around while I'm on my own with DD.

Everyone knows that he is DD's father, the only reason he is not on the birth certificate is because he wasn't there, he's never been there for her, he never even asks after her, never asks for a photo (yet he tell's me he wants to know how I am looking!), any conversation with him is always him asking about me or prying into my life. He's now blocked on my phone after telling me he was going to take DD, this was in response to me asking for contribution.

DD's dad is a complete stranger to her and if she were ever left on her own with him she would be incredibly upset and confused. I want her to have a dad but I am 100% sure that he doesn't want to be a dad and I am very sure that he wants to make life hard for me with no thought to her comfort. Please can anyone with up to date info let me know what rights a DNA test allows a father to have in terms of seeing the child/taking the child out by himself.

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eyebrowsonfleek Thu 21-Sep-17 17:15:20

If he took you to court for contact, you would be able to insist it was at a Contact Centre and supervised. (Built up slowly for dd’s sake)

It’s money and effort so if you think he’s lazy, he’d probably fall at those hurdles?

PeppyPiggy Thu 21-Sep-17 17:22:09

@eyebrowsonfleek he is incredibly lazy and probably will not go to that effort. Thank you for the reply! I was so worried because I was told he would be able to just take her 50% of the time, it's good to hear that 's not the case!

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ShowMePotatoSalad Thu 21-Sep-17 17:54:50

I'm confused. Is he the child's father or not? You must know?

If he is not on the birth certificate why would CSA chase him for payment if he doesn't have parental responsibility?

I don't think you can have a situation whereby he pays maintenance for her if he is not actually her father and/or has no parental responsibility?

Genericusername9 Thu 21-Sep-17 18:08:21

A DNA test doesn't give any rights automatically, but it will enable him to get PR, and contact fairly easily.

However he will need the dedication to follow it through, which seems to be lacking.

PeppyPiggy Thu 21-Sep-17 20:26:10

@showmePotatoSalad Of course he is! I wrote this in the thread. I wouldn't get a man to pay for a child that wasn't his. I wasn't able to put him on the birth certificate without him physically being there.

..basically, I've only just opened a CSA case because he will not contribute still after 2 years. There is physically no other way any man could be the father, he very well knows this, he's being difficult because I'm pursuing payment via CSA now. He is trying to prolong the process and make it awkward so now we have to wait for him to set up the DNA test as well. My concern was that he would misuse the rights that come with having the completed positive DNA test. He had no rights over our daughter before because he had never claimed any and he didn't sign birth certificate. When he had threatened me before, saying that he was taking DD (to spite me, he doesn't care about her) it would have been a criminal offence to follow through with it... But now that he is doing a DNA test, I wondered if he would be able to actually do something erratic like that but from what @eyebrowsonfleek is saying that's not the case.

Surprisingly CSA can actually force maintenance out of him if he takes too long arranging the test or decides not to do it, they told me they are willing to do that with him, then the case goes to court and I think they pretty much force the DNA test.

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Lonecatwithkitten Fri 22-Sep-17 16:26:34

Parents have no rights only responsibilities towards their children. He will be responsible for supporting this DC financially and ideally emotionally as they grow.

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