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I am so fed up

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Louw12345 Wed 30-Aug-17 17:10:12

I am in the worst mood ever.
I haven't been able to sleep in over 2 weeks kids good back to school next week. I'm in debt with my rent ad don't start back at uni till over a month.
I'm Fed up with my life eventhou I'm normally happy with it.

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73Marie Tue 05-Sep-17 00:14:14

Me too Louw. Feel for you. Hard time of year I think.

I hope you've managed to get some sleep since you posted this.

Canu get a benefits check make sure you are getting everything you are entitled to? Speak to financial doctors or advisors at uni...they should be able to refer you for hardship funds if your at risk of homelessness and struggling financially. Consider talking to your tutor too. They might be able to offer some support.

I hope things pick up soon for u. Sending a hug x

Louw12345 Wed 06-Sep-17 22:25:08

Yes I'm always run down by end of fed. Tried so hard getting a job but I just seem unemployable. Spoke to rent people they said it's ok knowing that my student finance comes in soon.
I really struggled being at home this year, I like to be busy but sometimes it's hard with 5 kids especially when broke they always want something.

I'm feeling alot better now they are back at school managed to get on top of other bills no uniforms are bought and my partner took me away for the weekend while kids where at their dad's. Defo helped.

Hope your feeling better to

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