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Taking DC away for a month?

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Nikitasol Fri 18-Aug-17 21:47:56

Split with ex in Feb this year. Childcare arrangements are all still up in the air. It's still quite raw and we struggle to get on.

Anyway, it's the last year this year before dc goes to school and I'd like to take him away in Jan 2018 for a month to have an adventure and spend some quality time with him. We've been offered free accommodation abroad so wouldn't work out too costly.

I'm really nervous about approaching ex about this and wondering how to go about suggesting it. Tbh I would hate it if I couldn't see dc for 4 weeks. But then I spend the majority of my time with him whereas ex is much more crap on that front with irregular parenting.

Was thinking maybe if I said he could have dc for Christmas (would keep his family happy) then he might acquiesce. I can cope with this if it means we could go away.

Anyone else had similar? Any suggestions?

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GreenGoblin0 Sat 19-Aug-17 06:36:58

Tbh I would hate it if I couldn't see dc for 4 weeks.
if he asked to have your Ds for a month would you agree?

how old will ds be when you hope to go away?

how often does he see his dad currently?

Nikitasol Sat 19-Aug-17 11:17:34

He currently has him from 6pm on Wednesday eve until 8.30am on a Thursday and about everything third weekend.

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Nikitasol Sat 19-Aug-17 11:18:13

My dc will be 4 this winter

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Nikitasol Sat 19-Aug-17 11:19:57

He wouldn't have him for a whole month himself..I know that. Wouldn't cope and no childcare support.

If he did ask though I would look at options. Could he take him for 3 weeks instead and I visit and do something with him for one of the weeks for example.

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Starlight2345 Sat 19-Aug-17 19:07:32

I would just put it to him and get his response before thinking you need to offer something..He may see it as a fantastic opportunity for child, then again he may not. You won't know till you ask..

Nikitasol Sun 20-Aug-17 05:26:16

Thanks. Yes hadn't thought of it like that! I'll give it a go in the next month or so. Working up to it!

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