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Feeling Useless

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Whoknows11 Wed 02-Aug-17 19:16:28

So I am in the same position. I cancelled sky to save money and expected to have to get an aerial (we don't have one on the roof) however we are getting the to freeview through the sky box much to my surprise! Is that not the same for you?

mlp3282 Wed 02-Aug-17 17:30:13

Really sorry but just wondered if anyone could please? When myself and ex bought the house it was new so did not have an external aerial. He left a long while ago so now I am trying to "sort things out" and learn to understand things (well try). My son cannot get a tv signal despite internal areas being plugged in. They just don't appear strong enough. I have been paying for him to have his own sky box in the room however I can't afford this any longer. How can I get a signal to his tv (with inbuilt freeview) or do I need a Now TV box? How do they work? Sorry for so many questions I am really embarrassingly stupid (obviously). blush

Thank you

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