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Thread #3. Fed Up With Being Chief Cook And Bottle Washer. Sunscreen.

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Solo Wed 19-Jul-17 23:33:37


Solo Wed 19-Jul-17 23:36:03

A thread for lone parents to vent, ((hug)), cry, laugh and share good or bad, happy or sad.
Welcome! flowers

furryelephant Thu 20-Jul-17 09:42:15

Hello! Can I join? Lone parent since day 1 with my gorgeous almost 8 month old smile
Still raging after sending photos to her father who has seen her twice and can't even send a text asking how she is, and then his mum changes her social media photo to one of the photos of my DD. She's never even bothered to come and see her angryit just makes me so angry as I'm the one doing all the hard work then it's like they all want to show her off but couldn't even send her a fucking Christmas card angry

Solo Thu 20-Jul-17 10:55:52

Welcome furry thanks. Yes I've had 2 children with fathers like that! And I've brought them both up alone from day one. It's hard. sad
I'm off to work now. Have a good day with your LO smile

furryelephant Thu 20-Jul-17 12:51:20

It's so frustrating sadI know there are worse things that they could be doing but she deserves a loving family that make an effort, which they do not!
Hope you have a good day at work smile

ChronicPainDaddy Thu 20-Jul-17 17:07:47

My STBX does this so in the end I don't send pictures to her anymore. Part is because I don't like her pretending shes the perfect mum to the kids but mostly because the ones I did send where taken at DD school and they ask that no pictures be put on social media and I can't trust her not too.

Luckily her dad and step mum try to be in the kids lives as much as they can. Its not often unfortunately as they live 2 hours away from us and have my kids uncle(11) and aunt (16) to look after on top of working full time but we try to at least talk on the phone every 2 weeks or so which is nice.

To be honest I think her dads seen the kids more with me then when they've been with their mum as I make the effort to involve them

Roundandroundtheapartment Sat 22-Jul-17 18:30:54

Haven't read through all of the other threads yet but just wanted to mark my place on this one. Lone Lone parent since xmas and I feel like I'm still not in any sort of routine, have a good few days and feel on top of things and then one bad day and it has a knock on effect for days after. Feel like I'm moving in slow motion some times.
I have 2 dc one 7 and the other is 1, I'm feeling the guilt at the moment as eldest really wants to go to see a film in the cinema but my youngest will no way sit through it and will want to run about.

Solo Sun 23-Jul-17 01:26:38

Hi Round smile Welcome! The lack of routine is normal ime; remember when you first bring your baby home and it takes you until 4pm to get dressed? Or 3 hours to get out of the front door? Well, it's just getting used to the different circumstances and it takes time...don't beat yourself up about it. And with regards the cinema; well, you can't do what you can't do. My Dc's have 8 years between them and some things are impossible but, it won't always be like that and your eldest will just have to understand for now smile. Keep posting.

PollyPelargonium52 Tue 25-Jul-17 15:42:02

Solo I am watching the Sunscreen video it is so cool!

Solo Wed 26-Jul-17 01:58:49

It's good isn't it? smile

megletthesecond Sat 29-Jul-17 07:36:57

Hi. I should make more of an effort to keep up on here. We're up and off to parkrun shortly then I'm planning a lazy day after that.

Solo Sat 29-Jul-17 09:58:37

Hi meglet smile it's really nice to see you {thanks]. Listen, this is not the most exciting or funny thread so it's understandable that it drops off everyones TIO and memory but, it is here when you want it to be. So how are you doing?

megletthesecond Sat 29-Jul-17 14:08:36

Hi solo, I'm ok. Had a really busy spring, work was (is) nuts, had to buy a new car, the dc's had non stop school and extra circular activities and my aunt was very poorly for a while. Feels like it's been a long old slog!

How are you and your dc's getting on?

Solo Sat 29-Jul-17 14:58:06

This year has flown again. The kids are okay, Ds is still at mums and Dd is preparing for her 11+ in September. I'm struggling with a new role at work but it's better than the redundancy I almost got!
I'll come back later but, got much to do here...really good to hear from you again smile

Lucyandpoppy Sun 30-Jul-17 19:28:22

Newbie here waves

I'm 23, have a 2.5 year old DD and 3 weeks ago broke up with my 'partner' of 7 years as the relationship had just deteriorated. Finding it stressful agreeing contact he wants to see her every day, which also means seeing me every day. He is renting a room right now so isn't able to take her overnight and if it rains or whatever while he is looking after her during the day he will just bring her back to my house and I find it annoying/difficult when its meant to be my few childfree hours of the day (she doesn't start back at nursery until September and I have no family or friends nearby so he really is all the childcare cover I have at the moment). Also currently have tonsillitis and he was a eejet about asking his work for a day off so I could rest so I've been doing everything myself, as well as having tonsillitis and desperately needing sleep (DD wakes up at 6am :|). Just finding it difficult to establish a routine of when he has her and trying to limit contact with me and him as it always ends in argument. Feeling very tempted by tinder at the moment because after 7 years I am freeeeeeeeee. Sorry this turned into an essay! xx

Solo Sun 30-Jul-17 23:28:48

Hi Lucy smile welcome! I'm sorry to hear that exp is being an idiot ~ they often are ime. Three weeks is very early days and your emotions will be all over the place (as will his I guess) and yes him being there every day does not help you! Keep on popsting...I'm going to post my message before my laptop crashes for a 4th time!

DooWhaaDiddy Thu 03-Aug-17 00:27:46

I first heard the Sun Screen some when I broke up with my first ever boyfriend 18 years ago. God I'm old

Solo Thu 03-Aug-17 01:23:51

18 years ago?! Pah! You're not old Doo smile My son was born in, I'm old grin. I do love Wear Sunscreen though and listen to it a lot.

Solo Sat 05-Aug-17 10:46:40

Everyone okay? Did anyone read the thread about smug marrieds? Do you know any? I do. I also realised that I just don't get invited anywhere that has a coupled up feel...or maybe they just don't like me personally or as a single gooseberry type. Ah well.

PollyPelargonium52 Sat 05-Aug-17 15:32:10

All ok here despite three electrical things going wrong last week! Internet/washing machine/elec shower. Bit odd as had only just had the Smart Meter installed although the gas and electric company inspected and found their installation was fine and nothing was amiss.

Bit depleted financially after all this as need a new machine and shower but we manage! New internet working fine better than ever but poor ds was chomping at the bit for 3 days no fun on his gadgets!

At least we rediscovered the art of conversation for a few days!

I will read the thread that you mention Solo not seen it yet.

megletthesecond Mon 07-Aug-17 17:18:23

Hi lucy. Hope that evil tonsillitis has gone now.

polly wonder if the smart meter could cause a power surge. Rather odd that you had a cluster of problems!

We went to the athletics at the weekend. It was nice to get to London, we'd not been in ages. The kids like athletics and they don't have to be quiet to watch it either <<phew>>.

I've not see the thread about smug marrieds solo. I'll have a look at it.

PollyPelargonium52 Wed 09-Aug-17 20:32:03

I had my smart meter checked by the energy supplier they confirmed it had been fitted correctly. However I am having the old style meters put back next Wed and then my new washing machine will arrive. I just don't trust these smart meters I was in two minds at the time. There have only been a few cases of problems nationwide but just in case .....

Meanwhile washing by hand and a big pile of sheets and towels is building up!

Better than getting a brand new machine go puff isn't it!

Hey ho!

Solo Thu 10-Aug-17 10:33:27

Flowers! flowers Hope it's all you wish for...

I've still not had my new machine delivered (luckily my old one still works albeit I have to put a timer on and manually change it to rinse and spin) but it's booked in (again) for next week Friday. I've ordered a 10kg drum so I can do more mixed loads and the duvets etc.

ChronicPainDaddy Fri 11-Aug-17 10:15:40

Been a while since I've posted on here and I hope everyones doing well. Nearly half way through our first real six weeks holiday and we haven't really done much. Though that is in part to my STBXW having the kids the last few weekends and random days since the start of the holiday as she was trying to fit the kids in before having her new baby who eas born last friday.

So now I am hoping and praying that the kids aren't pushed out for the new child and its early days to tell yet.

We went to an animal park yesterday though, DD loves seeing lemurs and penguins while DS just wanted to run around like a loon. Hes 3 1/2 but his development is behind due to his medical issues so it was amazing to hear him say some new words like pig and deer.

Just nees to him ways to keep them occupied for the rest of the holiday

soupforbrains Fri 11-Aug-17 10:51:16

Er... hello waves

I didn't even know this bit of mumsnet existed. can I join in please?

I'm 31 and have been on my own since before the birth of my DS who is now 10. I don't have any friends who are doing the lone parenting thing.

I had my son quite young, when I was still a student and for many years none of my other friends had children at all, in recent years they have so it's a bit easier. but sometimes it would be nice to have sometime understand what it's like to have to do it all.

gosh that all sounds a bit 'woe is me' and self pitying doesn't it... I promise I'm not perpetually dismal and depressing! grin

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