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Single mum and work

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roselover11 Tue 18-Jul-17 09:12:58

I currently work 3 days at 17hrs a week

I HATE my job with a passion
Won't go into it but I need to leave
It's making me depressed

Anyway went for an interview the other day and still waiting to hear
If I do get it although I like the job
It's a lot more hours

What do you think

It's mon fri 10-3pm

I use childcare 3 days a week for the days I work anyway so for this role would need it everyday

IF I am successful would you ask if there was any negotiation to possible work 930-230 instead ? Either every day or even 2/3 days a week?

As the two days I don't work my lo has swimming and dance so I wouldn't wanna stop them

I don't mind working more hours and I know it will affect my benefits
I.e. I will warn more so less benefits but I don't care about that

As I'm a single parent I don't have any other help
Dad has her every other weekend and can't do any week days due to his work
No family about and don't want to rely on friends
So it's literally just me

My job atm fits in around school
Hours to an extent
I use a childcare but only 3 days

Am I selfish for putting a job before my lo?

The job is great and I'm thinking will give me further options and be able to provide more for my daughter

What does everyone think please ?


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Nellia Tue 18-Jul-17 18:13:30

Do I think you are selfish for trying to increase your financial independence, improve your future job prospects and act as a strong positive role model for your daughter?
Do I think you are selfish trying to get away from a job that makes you miserable, potentially stealing valuable energy and head space that could be better used up by your interactions with your daughter?
Do I think you are selfish by trying to ensure your daughter has a happier more relaxed and empowered parent offering a shorter amount of quality time than a sad one who is around more?
Nope I dont. Swimming classes can be found on weekends. Depending on the employer and the role there is no harm in asking for flexible working

strartingtotry Tue 18-Jul-17 18:19:29

I don't think you are selfish atall for changing jobs, if you are happier at work you will be happier at home and if you think it can improve your job prospects in the future then you will be enhancing your child's future by taking the job.

If working 9.30-2.30 would make life easier I would certainly ask as I always negotiate on hours to suit school runs etc and if an employer wants you and they are open at those times there usually isn't a problem.

Good luck smile

roselover11 Thu 20-Jul-17 21:18:31

Ah thank you

You've made me feel better

Sadly I didn't get the job 😕
Guy said it was very close and said I was a strong candidate so I'm pleased with my feedback

I've since gone for some more jobs one is full time but I'm just not sure o can do full time
I'm torn between staying in this job or going for something but with more prospects like the first reply said


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SunshinePop Mon 31-Jul-17 07:03:04

Good luck with your job search! Ime there's nothing worse than a job you hate, it affects all areas of your life. Finding a new one could be great for you 😊 having been job hunting recently too I was told that you have to apply for lots to get one, fingers crossed we will get there.

zozozoo Fri 01-Sep-17 00:06:33

You don't sound like you are putting work ahead of your child. If they are at school anyway what difference does it make? Personally I miss the chats on the walk home from school but I try to make up for that in the car on the way to classes or at dinner. Also we can't have anyone over for weeknight playdates but they go to the park to see friends there instead. Very nice that you can afford to work part time I would too again if I could.

Try working full time with two kids, no family around, friends still pretty new so am loathe to call upon them for any childcare, ex abusive and also working full time...

Everyone just has to adapt. Like someone up thread said already classes can be found at different times. Mine luckily are just old enough to have their classes start after I can get them from childcare. We have long days and everyone has to help out with stuff around the house but such is life and we still just about have time for things like bike rides and board games.

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