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New Mom Thinking of Leaving

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Starlight2345 Fri 30-Jun-17 10:06:44

Can I suggest you approach the GP for counselling.

You have had a loss and under extreme stress...There is no right or wrong answer here but you do need to work through what I imagine are a lot of complex emotions

MyPanacea Thu 29-Jun-17 04:34:13

My first son was born 6 weeks before my dear partner had a debilitating stroke. I am also step mother to his seven year old son, whose Mother was barely involved in his life.
It has been eight months since my partner had his stroke, he has made incredible gains but he is no longer the man i fell in love with. he is not the man i chose to be the father to my child, he is not the man i was building my life with, he is not the man that makes me laugh, he is not the man i look forward to seeing at the end of each day, in fact i avoid him when I can. I feel like a single mother to three children.

I have had to take over his business as well, and I have had to drop out of University.

I keep hoping that he is still in there somewhere, but how long do you wait? I keep having fantasies of running away with my son.
How long do you keep the faith? I have remained extremely positive but the last 4 months have been very difficult to envision a happy family again.

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