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Ex new girlfriend

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spaceyface89 Sun 11-Jun-17 21:07:45

How do you cope with your ex partner getting a new girlfriend? I didn't expect to feel like this but it's really floored me. I want to meet her and get along and if she's a nice person, the rational part of me says it's good and she can be a good force in my child's life. The sad part of me finds exes new effort into his relationship and playing happy families with someone new when he never made any effort whilst we were together really difficult to swallow.

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Morgan2017 Sun 11-Jun-17 21:14:58

If you arent together, there is a reason for that. U need to remind urself of that reason whatever it may be each time u start to think this way.
Its really hard to swallow, defo! I think knowing someone you shared a part of your life with made memories plans and promises with is moving on to do all that with someone new, its totally gut wrenching. However keep reminding yourself of that reason and push the rest of the thoughts out your head.
Plus.... who says it will even last (without being bitter) blush the beginning os always a different story and as usual, we tend to see a picture in out heads of "perfect" couple that often aint close to what we think!
Horrible me confused
Ur not together and one day u will be moving on too. X

Betty3011 Thu 22-Jun-17 11:21:02

I have the same problem, our little boy is 4 years old and after 2 divorces his dad found himself a girlfriend and I found out all about it the from our son!!! I tried to approach his dad about new situation but he didnt want to say anything.My little boy said that new woman sleeps in daddy's bed and give our son kisses and cuddles in this bed. My son asked me why and I had no idea what to say. It's disgusting and not fair. I know that she has 4 year old girl so they all r playing happy family now. I think it's wrong to find out about the situation from 4 year old.

wendz86 Thu 22-Jun-17 13:47:36

I found it hard when i found out. I haven't met her but kids see her quite a bit and really like her. Annoying as it is when they come back talking about her I am getting used to it slowly.

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