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What career do you have?

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MrsInTuition Wed 07-Jun-17 13:08:23

Sorry to be so nosey...

I've been a lone parent now for 18 months. Since youngest DC turned 1, I can't shake the feeling of wanting to return to work and be more than just a Mum (not meant rudely, that's just how I feel personally)

But I'd really like to make a career out of it this time. Last position didn't offer much opportunity for progression, so I don't want to just return to what I know.

Nor can I decide what path to go down!! I considered training to be a Primary School Teacher but after speaking to other teachers, decided now maybe wasn't the time with DCs so young...

Not opposed to going back to college/university to retrain.

I just want the kids to be proud of me but I'm feeling all this pressure that it will be me taking care of everything! Child care arrangements, costs, etc.

Can I be cheeky and ask what you do for a living and how you cope?

user1487854472 Wed 07-Jun-17 14:41:46

I'm a nurse. I love how flexible it is. I work nights so that I'm there for my daughter. There are so many options.

CoconutGal Wed 07-Jun-17 18:09:04

I was a nursery playworker when DD was younger, then a care worker & senior & now going into training via work to become a healthcare assistant with the NHS. DD is now 11 so it's been a long slog & I did find doing home courses helped keep me busy & focused on a career. It can be challenging juggling a career & home but most of the time with the right support from your employer, family & friends, it can be great!

Queenofthedrivensnow Fri 09-Jun-17 17:18:18

Social worker. Only practised since dd1 was little. It's not perfect I pay childcare but I don't hate it and I get in well with my colleagues

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