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What do I tell my 3 year old when asks why daddy isn't here?

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lozsenge Sat 27-May-17 22:23:39

My ex left 8 months ago and until now my DD seemed to be coping fine. Until the last couple of weeks where most days she cries for her daddy and asks why he doesn't live with us. He sees her twice a week. I've said that he wanted to live on his own and that he didn't want to live with mummy but that doesn't seem to be cutting it anymore. Any ideas?

bettycat81 Sun 28-May-17 07:46:35

Kids can be quite self centred so she is probably looking for reassurance that she is loved, that none of it is her fault. If her relationship with her Dad is good try and keep things neutral in your explanations so instead of "Daddy decided..." use "mummy and daddy weren't getting along so we decided... but we both still love you so much..." You can explain the complexities as she gets older but for now this may help her feel less torn.

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