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Ideas for holiday abroad

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iamworkingonit Sat 27-May-17 19:54:44

I haven't been on a holiday abroad for sometime but might be able to go away during the school holidays (either long holidays or October). I am on a fairly limited budget.
I am a single parent with a seven year old son. I would like to go somewhere where there are other children he can make friends with (he is quite social) and where I can relax. I would prefer somewhere that is not overrun with tourists and where it is warm. A beach holiday with other cultural activities would be the ideal. Can anyone recommend a destination / Butlins type (not my first choice) holiday which might fit some of these criteria?

Ellypoo Sat 27-May-17 20:34:42

I am going on a Eurocamp holiday with DD4 in a few weeks - haven't been before but have heard great reviews and apparently they're great for kids with loads of active things etc, the one we are going to is right next to the beach in France, DD is really excited! And we got a lone parent discount - only £50 but it all helps!!

jeaux90 Wed 31-May-17 23:20:51

There are also single parent travel groups. Check them out. I was tempted and I was quite impressed with the range but opted last year to go somewhere with a kids club instead on our own. We had a great time!

dadap Sat 03-Jun-17 15:35:42

Holidays camps in Europe are good.

witchofzog Sat 03-Jun-17 15:40:56

All inclusive places are good to make friends for both of you! I have made friends with other parents and ds with their kids on lots of holidays this way just by sitting by the pool and with ds splashing around. And all food, drinks and snacks are free which kids love and takes the stress out of it for you. Pick somewhere near a large town and you can do the cultural stuff too. Ds and I generally spent the morning by the pool and went exploring after lunch.

IgnoreMeEveryOtherReindeerDoes Sat 03-Jun-17 15:47:41

I've done Butlins twice with my DS, found HB was much easier that Alf catering and the only down side is the queues to the shows others had there partners queue for hours to get in even with fast track pass.

I've done camping and some hostle type breaks when it was just me and my DD when singlewithkids first started.

It's worth checking out they do lots of holidays also find people local also people arrange own holidays with each other or get some advice.

Chrissy who runs it is soooo lovely.

I've not been on one of there outings or checked in on forum for a long time but still have a few I meet on meets on my Facebook.

IgnoreMeEveryOtherReindeerDoes Sat 03-Jun-17 15:49:27

Self catering not Alf catering.

Also reason why not done any more holidays is because I've been going away with family a lot now.

I've also done Blackpool pontins with my DD on her own before they condemned it... We had fab time

Tillymintsmama Sun 11-Jun-17 20:48:04

the single parent holiday companies are pretty expensive.... for the same cost you can get a 5* cruise, with kids club so your child can have a great time whilst you have some me time.

I'd love to go on a eurocamp holiday with some other single parents.... it's so lonely alone

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