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I HAVE to go out this weekend.

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BandeauSally Mon 22-May-17 17:57:04

According to DCs social worker. I have to get out of the house. DC are having their first overnight with dad in 5 months. I have gotten very used to having them here every weekend again, I quite like it. I don't have a social life. But she is right, I need to get out of the house.

What do I do? confused

RedSandYellowSand Mon 22-May-17 18:03:38

Go for a walk?
Read the newspaper in a coffee shop?
Go to the cinema?
Go for a swim?
Any friends who might be up for a meal out and a chat?

Enjoy the time to be you again, rather than Mum.

BandeauSally Mon 22-May-17 18:10:58

Will definitely go for a big long walk with my hairy child dog. Will probably save that for Sunday as they won't be back until dinner time. It will break up the day .

I'm pretty skint so not sure about cinema or meal out but could probably manage a coffee. I feel like a dick asking people if they want to meet up though because I am never usually available when they ask. In fact they've stopped asking because they know.

Theimpossiblegirl Mon 22-May-17 18:15:10

The weather should be nice. Take a book and a picnic to a park and enjoy the freedom. You never know your luck, one of your friends might be having a BBQ.

Take the first step, contact some people, I bet they'll be glad to see you.

RedSandYellowSand Mon 22-May-17 18:15:57

Ask them, ask them, ask them!
It's not being a dick, it's having the opportunity. But don't get down hearted if they already have plans at this notice. But it's certainly worth a try.

BandeauSally Mon 22-May-17 18:18:04

Ok I've just texted my friend. She is married and usually spends weekends with her husband but maybe she will have an hour or two free.

Sickofthisalready Tue 23-May-17 17:49:50

I feel the same, where in the country are you? X

BandeauSally Tue 23-May-17 18:19:57

I'm in NI sick. You're probably not? grin my friend is up for going for a bite to eat! I'm pathetically excited about it.

catinbooties Tue 23-May-17 18:28:57

Sounds great!

And if you have more time to kill go to the cinema! Lots of my friends who are shift workers go on their own and no one bats an eyelid.

Enjoy flowers

BandeauSally Tue 23-May-17 18:30:25

Thanks cat! Is there anything you would recommend at the minute cat?

HappyHedgehog247 Tue 23-May-17 20:13:49

Enjoy! X

BandeauSally Tue 23-May-17 21:11:18

Thank you happy!

catinbooties Wed 24-May-17 05:20:13

Well I would go and see Beauty and the Beast as I have two DSs and they refuse to see it!

Apparently 'Snatched' with Goldie Hawn which is on at the moment is very funny. A good laugh rather than a weepy might be more what you need grinflowers

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