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need advice haha

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Jade27xx Mon 22-May-17 15:17:30

I've been studying for past year and fell oregnant while studying, however myself and ex didn't work out as he felt he wanted to be with who he wanted when he wanted.

Long story short hes been non supportive through the prwgnancy, if i had the baby now he woukdnt even know, as he does t care enough to find out if everything is going ok.

Anyway I know he's going to come back once I have my daughter demanding his previous demands ever weekend from borth. However ive been accepted into my next year at university & LO will be 10 weeks old I've arranged for nursery etc.

Would he be granted every weekend? I feel scared that he will be and my only option to spend some quality time with my daughter will be not to finish my studies but at the same time she will benifit from my studies in the long run??

I am happy for him to help me thriugh the week as i knoe its going to be hard as hell. But he said he works Monday to Saturday 7-7 so he won't have the time.

What shall I do? And currently hes saying the baby isn't his should i tell him to get a DNA?

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