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Today I have

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HowamIgoingtocope Thu 18-May-17 13:44:21

been summoned to a MIAM session . I went and said on the pretext he pays half my fees I will go . I know this wont happen .
If it does I may eat my hat .
this is all because I said no . Its amazing what a Narcissist will do to get his own way . after seeing my da worker I know nothing will ever be agreed.
The cost is extortionate

user14809fhfdgg Thu 18-May-17 14:01:45

Sorry but what is MIAM

3xcookedchips Fri 19-May-17 10:38:44

Its a mediation session.

When an application to court for childrens matters is made there is a requirement that mediation is attempted before the first hearing. This requirement is waived if reported/evidenced domestic abuse/violence is a factor.

No one is forced to attend, you have the right to say no but the court may want to know the reasons, etc. if or when the case reached that stage.

It is typical to share the costs - and in the long run may be cheaper than going to court if agreement can be reached.

HowamIgoingtocope Sat 20-May-17 02:20:00

Well he said no. Which isn't a surprise. So it's down to him. The next few months should be eventful.

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