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Father won residency order, maybe pregnant again?

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househead13 Tue 09-May-17 03:11:02

Hiya guys.

I'll keep this brief and apologies if this isn't in the right place.

6 years ago I had a little boy. I was on my own with him as me and the father split during the pregnancy. It was a struggle.

When he was born I went through post natal depression and other forms of mental illness plus battling a drug addiction.

Based on this in 2003 his father took him and won a residency order against me and moved my child over 300 miles away meaning i don't get to see him.

There is a good possibility I am pregnant again now by someone else, id be doing as a lone parent again but really would like to have the baby.

I am in treatment for my mental illness and have been in AA for sometime battling my addictions. Plus i'm a lot older and have worked through a lot of my issues.

I am at university and feel I have come along way in my life since 2003.

If I was to have the baby would social services immediately take my child away? Or would they be heavily involved at the start?

I have no issues calling them up off my own back to show williness to work with them from the offset?

Does anyone have an advice regarding this?

If there is a high chance the child would be taken from I would seriously consider other options as its not fair to bring a child into that situation.

However i hope they would understand that people can change.

Thanks x

Atenco Tue 09-May-17 04:31:19

I'm afraid I cannot advise, but I don't understand why do you not see your son and I think that will be relevant to your situation. I'm sure 300 miles is a nuisance but your child still needs to know you care.

crouchenddadder Tue 09-May-17 05:33:56

We are not going to be able to assess you and answer your question.
Call social services and ask for a counsellor.

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