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Going back to work full time

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FTMum2016 Fri 28-Apr-17 23:09:15

I have my 9 month old 24/7 apart from a few hours on a Saturday when her dad takes her to his mums where he's still living.
I'm due to go back to work in 2 weeks full time as i can't afford to work part time and save to move out of my mums. All arrangements have been made for her to be looked after by nursery, my parents and my grandparents. Ex partner doesn't know I'm going back to work yet and I'm terrified of him finding out as when I was pregnant he said as sooon as I went back to work he wanted 50/50 access.

I wanted to know what his chances are with that.. he's never loved with her and he used to see her 3 times a week but he stopped that due to work commitments. Her nursery is 5 minutes away from me as is all of my family so it makes sense for her to stay with me during the week as it is all out of his way & he used public transport to get to and from work therefore would never be able to pick her up on time.

Starlight2345 Fri 28-Apr-17 23:59:51

Based on the fact he doesn't see her for more than a few hours a week he has no chance of 50/50 .. I would not even discuss it. Discuss your DD her needs but what you are doing isn't any of his business.

The fact he knows the reality of looking after a 9 month old I would expect him to not be so bothered.

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