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GlamourJade Fri 28-Apr-17 17:06:54

Single parents on low incomes (Tax Credits with meagre earnings), how on earth do you afford a holiday?

Wondering if Groupon is any good?
Selling stuff on eBay to save up for something cheap.

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Camnico Sat 29-Apr-17 09:54:14

I put a deposit on a holiday for the next year and pay it up when I can. Or I ask other members of my family to come.. for example

1) say I was going to Spain, I would go direct on easy jet (for example) website and book flights you can usually get flights for well under £100 rt

2) book a villa and split it with other family members that are with you

Shinesun9 Sun 07-May-17 20:07:54

I do the same as cam I've also got one of those money tins that can't be opened and any spare pound coins/fivers that I can spare go in there for spending money
We booked a weekend away for a caravan site and it was only £200 (paid in installments)

MrTumblesbitch Sun 07-May-17 20:11:57

Instalments here too! Good cheap holidays I've had are: sun holidays, butlins (ds loved this the most!) siestaholidays are abroad and cheap but travel is by coach. Staying in private rooms in youth hostels also a winner and don't discount haven / hoseason caravan breaks either.

We love our breaks, and with careful management we do get away a few times a year.

Ditsy1980 Sun 07-May-17 20:16:08

I've discovered Sun Holidays this year and it was a awesome. In total I paid £79 for a 3 night weekend caravan stay, I looked to see how much it would have been direct with Haven and the cheapest was £189 for the same wknd.
Last summer I booked a family room at a youth hostel in a town we really wanted to visit and it was cheaper than any hotels there.
I've not yet managed an abroad holiday as a lone parent but I'm terrified of flying so even if I had a higher paid job I'd still be holidaying in U.K.

MrTumblesbitch Sun 07-May-17 20:26:56

Ditsycheck out the siestaholidays above - I hate flying too which is how I found them, super cheap!

GlamourJade Tue 09-May-17 11:35:43

Forgot to add that I can't drive, which usually means the caravan type holidays aren't an option due to location.

Defo looking into YHA though!

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Shinesun9 Tue 09-May-17 15:29:14

We booked Haven in Devoncliffs which isn't far from Exeter train station, so we
Only need to get a taxi to the caravan park then
Have a google as lots of caravan parks will be close to public transport

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