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Arrgh! I hate this already.

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ZilphasHatpin Thu 27-Apr-17 19:28:06

I'm so annoyed with myself for letting myself be annoyed.

exp's contact with DC was stopped before Christmas by SS. It was decided that it could start again last week. He picked them up late by a few minutes and dropped them off late by 10 minutes. This is good compared to the entire history of his contact. Then this week, 15 minutes before they were due home he texts saying "running late, be 15 minutes" so does that mean they'll be here in 15 minutes (so on time) or 15 minutes after they were due home? Your guess is as good as mine. Didn't matter either way because they were actually 40 minutes late. He lives 10 minutes away. No apology for being late, no explanation offered. I asked Dc what the hold up was "we had to get dinner". Well he knew he was feeding them dinner since last week and he knew when they were due back. So why wasn't that all co-ordinated? And homeworks not done. DC are now sulking with me because they had to go to the bath when they came home and do homework rather than play PlayStation. If they had been home on time they would have been able to.

I fucking hate that we are back to this shit. The 4 months that he didn't see them were the most peaceful months we've had in years. I am sick sore and tired of this asshole taking me for a fool and basically doing as he pleases and fuck whatever plans I have. He has always been like this and I stupidly thought that SS involvement might have made him wise up a bit and realise he needs to do better. Do I say anything and start a whole new row about the same old thing or do I just accept that I can't make any fucking plans anymore, again, because he doesn't give a shit about the fact I have a job and a life. I hate that this annoys me so much.

user1487854472 Thu 27-Apr-17 21:16:20

Do your children enjoy seeing their dad? Do they have much of a relationship?

If they don't, then I'd be inclined to say stuff it and he can go through a contact centre if necessary

ZilphasHatpin Thu 27-Apr-17 21:25:33

They want to see him. If they didn't I wouldn't even have entertained restarting contact. But they wanted to see him again.

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