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fragrant12 Mon 17-Apr-17 10:12:17

I'm a lone parent with 1 child he's going way to uni in September and it's the other end of the country we live in London and he's off to Hull!!
I know I will be extremely lonely as we're very close and as I have no partner (not for the last 15yrs ) and can't drive to get out that much unless the busses 🚌 run I'm starting to get stressed about it all although this is several months away.
Anyone got any advice for me , it's probably worse cos I don't think he'll be moving back down South after uni either😒😒😒

user1487854472 Mon 17-Apr-17 12:55:43

Oh Hun, I already worry about this and my little one is 10 months old 😳

I think the only way to manage is to get lots of hobbies and start making a life for yourself. Pre baby I was very invested in my dogs and went to dog training clubs/competitions. I made a good group of friends and it filled that missing puzzle piece when I thought I couldn't have a baby.

Starlight2345 Mon 17-Apr-17 17:54:06

My DS is 9 so not there yet but can I suggest you start making plans..What would you like your life to be.. Could you mover closer to the town, take driving lessons. Start a hobby..I am not sure what it will be so you can at least make plans to move foraward.

fragrant12 Mon 17-Apr-17 18:24:01

I've had epilepsy for 40 odd years so not allowed to drive (that's a pain)
Thanks for response peoples

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