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Dd and ex-p

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user1492173460 Mon 17-Apr-17 07:57:43

Exp doesn't really have much to do with dd, moaned he did and I was the bad guy so much I took him to court. He didn't stick to it.
Dd now ages four sees her paternal grandparents once every 8-10 weeks. Sat-mon. Her DD might turn up for two hours of that despite ex mil insisting how much he loves her and how I've ruined their bonding hmm you know by him not turning up.

I've just moved in with my partner, who I have been with a long time. Dd is thrilled. We have noticed over the last year ish that if we mention dd is going to her grandparents, despite trying to make it sound great we get bedwetting before and after. She also checks with everyone we know what me and DP are doing so she isn't missing out- we have to say we are working.

This weekend she is due to go, first time from this house. We have heard from exmil since making arrangements 7 weeks ago, she sent Easter gifts and texts.
However this weekend is four days and she wants me to hand dd over to her df, for two of those days. It's not as simple to pick her up if she's upset as they wouldn't call me. They are 90 miles away for grandparents and 130 for df.

I do let her go but I feel so uneasy about it and worry about dd, I guess I'm asking if you guys would be happy with this??
Bearing in mind any time I suggest anything different they start and row, end up sending me a solicitors letter, threatening me, I get broken down, get my fight back and reply- we never hear anything else.

I just feel lik he doesn't know dd and the bed wetting is a way of it showing it's affecting her.

thethoughtfox Mon 17-Apr-17 08:32:03

You know in your heart it's too log. Make it two days and she can spend one with him. Put her first. I don't envy you. Best of luck.

user1492173460 Mon 17-Apr-17 08:52:46

Thank you for understanding, the problem is if it's two days it's far too
Long in the car. It used to be two days and that meant 6/7 hours
In the car due to the dreaded motorway

I feel very stuck

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