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Lonely and pregnant and have a 1 year old

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user1492021895 Wed 12-Apr-17 19:42:15

So i might sound mad, because thats wht my husband thinks.. so i have just drifted alot from my freinds i hardly see any1 i have a 1 year and i cant go out properly because he sleps at 9 and i cant leave him with my husband n go out because he's very attached to me and i m 5 months pregnant and i m very tired all the time. So on the other hand my husband is great he takes me out all time but hes working he has freinds he goes out with once a week and plays football every sunday! What can i do to distract my self what hobbys do other mum have sorry for being so long! 😫

Blueskyonthehorizon Sat 15-Apr-17 09:45:44

You might want to repost this in chat. This board is for lone parents (I.e. single), not lonely parents. wink

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