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Work and having to be there for son

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lukeymom Tue 28-Mar-17 12:00:43

I am a lone parent of an 8 year old and 4 year old. My youngest has various problems such as speech problems which he regularly sees a therapist for. He has started seeing a Paedeotricion. He might have hearing problems ,the school initially done a test and said he certain sounds. I am awaiting to get him to have a further hearing test at hospital.
When he started school for about 5 months I was getting phone calls to say he had soiled or wet himself and could I come and change him,which I would have to.
Now he has a problem with itchy skin on his arms and also an infected finger. I'm having to see doctor and school with medication. I was also called into school this morning for a meeting about his medication and they say his finger isn' t healing and I had to tell them we saw doctor yesterday and he checked it,said it was healing and to let the air get to it,not to cover it up. They kept asking all sorts of questions as if they thought I was doing something wrong.
Not only that my son fell over yesterday and grazed his knee which I put a plaster on,and I noticed he had a graze on his brow. The school staff asked how this happened and that my son had been picking it and saying it hurt. He also told them that he had no medication this morning. I did give him medication ,he obviously wasn't paying attention when I gave it him.
I am forever having to deal with phone calls and attending appointments with my son. How am I supposed to go to work?
At the moment I claim Income Support but when my son is 5 in a few months it will stop. I am expected to work.Believe me I have been trying to get back into work. I have had a few interviews ,applied for lots of jobs. I was expected to start a job in care work but due to past employers not not supplying references I was unable to start.
I kind of feel a failure but at the same time I have to deal with my young son. His speech I would say is a disability and maybe his hearing. With appointments to attend and calls from the school about one thing or other how am I supposed to hold down a job?

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