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Is anyone else feeling extremely broody but not in a relationship?

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ProfessorPickles Mon 27-Mar-17 23:24:22

I feel so ready for a second child but I'm single and not ready for another relationship anytime soon.

It is driving me up the wall! The feeling has come and gone over the past few years, only going because I had university to focus on. Now I only have 2 months left of university and my broodiness is getting worse!

Is anyone else in a similar position?

ProfessorPickles Mon 27-Mar-17 23:28:17

Well I've just added some serious fuel to the fire grin clicked on mothercare to have a browse and the first thing I saw was that they've brought out the most beautiful peter rabbit range

TinyPawz Tue 28-Mar-17 00:06:09

Do it alone?

INeedNewShoes Tue 28-Mar-17 00:10:56

You could come along and lurk on the donor conception thread if this is something you've ever pondered...

80sbabyz Tue 28-Mar-17 14:51:50

Hi ProfessorPickles

I feel exactly the same way, been single for years by choice and have a 13 year old. I'm just getting broody each day lol I've been considering using a sperm donor for the last two years and am really thinking to start the process this year. Would you consider sperm donor option?

ProfessorPickles Tue 28-Mar-17 16:59:52

Hi, thanks for the responses!

I'd definitely consider using a sperm donor and I know it might sound strange to some people (possibly not you three!) but I'd prefer to do it alone again. I feel like I can provide a stable home for a child that way and I'll be a much happier mum.

I've mentioned this on here before, possibly under another name, but I'd ask my sons father first. He isn't the worlds best dad but he has regular contact with my son and it would be great for both of my children to have the same upbringing. He definitely loves our son a lot and never lets us down and I know he would do anything for me if I needed help.

I'd hate for my eldest to go off to his dads and have another at home feeling jealous that they don't have a dad. Is this something that would affect any of you too if you go down the donor route?

TinyPawz Wed 29-Mar-17 02:30:48

I asked my dd dad to donate but he really shocked me by saying no. So much so that I decided to wait a while before moving forward. Just something to be prepared for as I absolutely was not

complexkane Wed 29-Mar-17 14:28:40

Would you not say that purposely bringing a child into the world, knowing it wont have a dad, is a purely selfish act?! Get a puppy or a kitten, or at least wait until you are in a loving relationship.

INeedNewShoes Wed 29-Mar-17 17:14:09

Of course choosing to bring a child into the world is a selfish act. People do so because they want to bring up a child. 'Selfish' applies to your perfect couples too, complex

Back later. Off to the pet shop now...

ProfessorPickles Wed 29-Mar-17 17:38:59

Ideally I'd be having a second child with my sons father, so the child would have a father.

How nice to compare having a child to getting a puppy or a kitten hmm

There are plenty of people born into families with two parents who are miserable and where neither of them even wanted the child.
One loving parent who wants their child is far better than two who do not

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