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Single parents and working...

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Lf803 Sun 19-Mar-17 10:33:20

Advice please... I need to get myself a job.
I've been doing a bit from home, which has been fine but I'm going to have to do something more permanent with a bit more stabilty. My question is what does everyone do with their children when they go to work. Pre-school shuts at 3, school kicks out at 3 and I have no family that can help. I would just like to know how everyone else copes because you obviously do! Inspiration please

PurpleDaisies Sun 19-Mar-17 10:34:14

My sister is a cleaner and just works during school hours.

megletthesecond Sun 19-Mar-17 11:53:29

Is there a nursery you can use instead? They usually have 8-6 opening hours.

Does your dc's school have an after school club, with spaces? I appreciate it's possible too late for your primary school choices but I picked schools based on wrap around childcare. Life a working lp is a logistical nightmare !

hmmwhatatodo Sun 19-Mar-17 18:56:38

Childminder that picks up from the school?

HappyHedgehog247 Sun 19-Mar-17 19:50:42

I use a childminder between 3 and 5 and work three days a week.

Lf803 Sun 19-Mar-17 20:28:46

What about during holidays?

GreenGoblin0 Mon 20-Mar-17 13:05:06

- holiday club
- sharing holidays with exp (assuming they have contact with children)
- childminder
- sharing childcare with another parent at school or friend with children (ie taking in turns to look after children)
-term time only jobs- schools / unis

HowamIgoingtocope Mon 20-Mar-17 15:23:32

Childminder here I work full time .

Ex has them for tea twice a week.

RueDeDay Mon 20-Mar-17 20:56:31

I work term time only and mainly during school hours (late night once a week when ex has DD). It's great in that I have no childcare costs, but it's difficult in that I get no breaks... I'm either at work or with DD.

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