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Just exhausted

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Lala105 Sun 12-Mar-17 20:39:31

Ive been a single parent since I was 3 months pregnant. Ex decided he didn't want to be dad and I subsequently found our he was married with 2 kids. One of which was born just one year before DS was born when we were "a couple". He's Dutch, so Ive never be enable to get child support. I've never asked him for money, we've kept in touch for the sake of DS (I wanted him to know I never stopped him having a relationship with his dad). His wife now knows about me and DS and DS has met half sisters. Roll forward 15 years. I am exhausted, I'm 50 I've worked FT since DS was 5 months old. I do a management job but now I'm so tired, I'm fat, 50 and am feeling so low. And I'm probably menopausal as well. Does anyone know if I can get backdated child support. I need a break, I've never had a break. But I can't not work. What can I do 😥

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