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Am I right to be annoyed?

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Louw12345 Wed 08-Mar-17 09:23:55

My younger children told me last night that their dad and his girlfriend told them that she's their step mum.

The ex and his girlfriend has been together 2 years in September. We split in june he seen his kids regular then stopped end of july till october then seeing them once a month if that (his choice) buy February I put a stop to him coming in and out of their life we went to mediation and got everything sorted out so by end of June everything was sorted. He was to spend a month with his kids b4 they ment the girlfriend (this was to unsure he was being real as I didn't want my children to meet her then he do the no show again)

So everything was going fine then one day it wouldn't turn up bla bla.
She's grabbed one of my teenage girls , dad never sorted it out so my daughter refused to go there for a while.

If I had to change arrangements she would plan a different day when thy day came he would say she got it wrong we have plans.

Didn't pay cm over christmas didn't turn up for 3 weeks in January.

She shouted down the phone to me I was ringing about YOUR daughter, when I had already told my ex I will only talk to him due to the miscommunication when things are planned through her.

She told me they aren't paying cm till he sees the kids ( doors always beend open been fighting for him to be a dad for 6 years)

They didn't take the kids to church at weekend knowing full well they need to go in order to do their holy communion.

Maybe I'm wrong maybe I'm being over sentive I don't know but I really don't see how she is a step mother a mother figure maybe when they are there. And after not even a full year of being in their lives and messing them about during that year.

Maybe ? Iv never been in situation even when my.mum had a partner after her marriage broke down I was young to never thought he was my step dad the relationship didn't last long enough

Starlight2345 Thu 09-Mar-17 19:43:34

Your post is quite complicated to follow.

The CM..Go through CMS.. then that doesn't need to be discussed.

If she phones hang up..Do not talk to her.

No matter what label she gives herself. the kids will work it out.

Louw12345 Fri 10-Mar-17 21:33:51

Yes sorry I was so annoyed
Yes I'm over it now, if they want to force things on the kids they are just silly and will do more harm to their relationships

I want talk to her I don't need the stress of it.
Yes I'm with cms I'm just used to saying cm. Although he's self employed and started getting part of his wage cash in hand.
I'm used to not having the payment now he owes over £500.

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