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Gosh what's wrong with me!

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Louw12345 Mon 27-Feb-17 19:21:23

Ok so I wanted to make a bed with ikea units asked my boyfriend to help me. I'm a pretty hands on person and enjoy doing things around the house. Any way he said yes. So we talked about it and it turns out the unit bed would end up as a kingsize and we only need a double so he said he would make the bottom end.
So I started pricing up extra then he rings and says iv got all the wood from work so you only need to get the frame wood afew days after iv got the frame wood so you don't need to get that.
As independent as I am I was pretty pissed off.
I then said I wanted to make a head board told him what I wanted then guess what he bought it.
Now my idea was to fix it to the wall and add lights so it looks likes it floating. I said I need to buy something called z clips.
So he tells me he's got the wood to do it etc. Anyway we was just chatting about it and he made a comment oh it must be nice to be a queen and have a bed made for you. Oh well I went mad, I didn't ask him to fully make it I asked him to help. Iv told him to leave the head board as I want to do it.

I have spent years doing stuff on my own, yes it's struggle and isn't always done right away but this has really made me feel abit shit.

I know he wants the best for me but I really don't it thrown in my face like that. It's abit like 'if it wasn't for me'

I can't help enjoying and wanting to do things by myself. But he really needs to understand that but I really don't think he will.

Rant over

Karmaisabitch Sat 04-Mar-17 00:56:00

Probably best to put this in relationships as this is the lone parents section

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