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visitation rights? advice!

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emmac94 Thu 23-Feb-17 01:01:24

Hi mumssmile
My 4 month old father and I have split I ended the relationship due to his serious alcohol problem and the effects it was having on our relationship and our baby. Since our break up he has been arrested 3 times. Once for smashing a window in my house and breaking in! I had to get a restraining order against him which he has since broke hence being arrested again. He has never hurt our son however I feel until he gets help he shouldn't have our son at all. Maybe this is harsh but I feel it's in my baby's best interests. He never helped me when we were together and since we have broke up he has been nohing but nasty and horrible to me and abot me on Facebook ill point out he's 10 years older than me at 32! He also is refusing to pay child maintanance and has gone as far as quitting his job and going on benefits in order to get out of paying 😣 he is going to fight me every step of the way for visitation to our son. How muh of a chance do I have of him getting no visitation rights? My second option is a contact centre where he will be supervised but to be honest that's definitly my second choice!
I'm in northern Ireland and would appreciate any help on this matter. Thankyou!

Starlight2345 Thu 23-Feb-17 16:22:26

I personally would offer supervised contact... The reason been he sounds out of control right now...He is highly unlikely to turn up , or will behave irrationally ..This will all go in your favour if he goes to court.

Do you have the CMS over there.. I applied for my DS who his dad has never worked.. You may be able to waiver fee due to your circumstances.. He will only pay £7 a week but it will be reassessed if he got a job.

emmac94 Fri 24-Feb-17 11:25:53

Supervised visits at a contact centre are an option yes but I'd still prefer he got help for his alcohol problems and mental health issues before he has any contact at all considering my little boy is only 4 months old.
Yes I've contacted cms and have a case. You are right only 7 pound a week which is despicable! I've also reported him because as it turns out he is still working and claiming benefits he has just been taken off the books so he doesn't have to pay me money for our son.

UnbornMortificado Fri 24-Feb-17 11:40:02

Emma my DD is older but I've stopped contact completely. He put DD's physical safety at risk (drugs not drink related)

Your son deserves better and you deserve to be safe in your home.

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