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Job centre letter

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Caelaj07 Wed 15-Feb-17 13:54:10

I've been claiming income support since me and my partner split a couple of months ago. I had my original job centre meeting in January and then a couple of weeks after I had a telephone compliance interview, on the phone she said all was fine and she would close the case. I have now received a letter from job centre saying

I am your work coach. As part of ongoing support, I have arranged for us to meet at ....

The reason for this meeting is to discuss your personal circumstances.

Anyone know what this may be about?? It doesn't ask me to take anything in or say anything else?

Ilovecaindingle Wed 15-Feb-17 13:58:58

Likely a lone parent adviser had been assigned to you to let you know your options should you go back to work - childcare /benefits run on etc. .

Starlight2345 Wed 15-Feb-17 21:56:44

I had a LP adviser too. They are there to help you get ready for when you do go to work.. Mine was the nicest woman in the job centre who understood my difficulties.

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